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And because we know how much fun it is to do that, we also help you write your book! (You know, the one inside you that's been trying to get out?)

Diana Scimone
Diana is president of Peapod Publishing. She's a writer, journalist, and writing coach. 

Her work has taken her to more than 40 countries on five continents including Sudan, Zimbabwe, Kenya, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and elsewhere. She wrote the Adventures With PawPaw children's book series to introduce young children to other countries and cultures.

As a writer's coach, she helps people write the book they've always dreamed of writing. Her personal coaching, workshops, and blog,, help them do it.

Diana is also president of The Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking ( She was named one of the Top Ten Women Warriors of Twitter. You can follow her on Twitter @DianaScimone.

"I learned more in these 3 hours than I did in many college courses.”
—Student at one of Diana's writer's workshops

"Having Diana coach me through writing my book has been a wise investment. She understands the publishing industry and how to write a book from beginning to end."
—Author working on her first book

“We defy kids not to fall in love with Adventures With PawPaw picture books in which a little dog pads through foreign countries and learns about other cultures. Can it get any sweeter? Sure can—portion of proceeds goes to kids' charities.”
—Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel magazine

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